Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm back....

Hurray, hurray...back to the nest at last! Actually though, I am here a bit earlier than in years past, which is a very good thing.
Yesterday was a special niece Joanna's bridal shower - a beautiful occasion for a beautiful person.
Today I am looking forward to learning something new and interesting at a class at Colorful Creations in Hyannis. The guest artist/teacher is Ted J. Mullett, who designs some absolutely wonderful nature themed stamps, of which I have many!
The weather is warming and brightening, a welcome change after such a cool, dreary spring. I plan to do some much needed gardening this week and get back on track with creative endeavors. Oh yes...and the beach beckons to many more footprints to be made in the sand!


joey said...

Welcome back !!!! Since you had a long time off ,have you thought of any adventures for this season ? Love , joey

summer girl said...

Joe...I haven't come up with any adventuresome endeavors yet, but give me time!!!
love ya, j

Judy Hartman said...

So good to see you back, Janice!!
It must be Summer!!