Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two brothers, one sister...

The last few days have been a fun-filled time of reminiscing and reconnecting with two of my three brothers. This is probably the first time since I left our family home (33 years ago) that we have actually lived together in the same household - and they were just kids then - John was 17, Joe was 12. To have experienced them as adult men with history was a joy, and yet, in many ways they are still the little brothers I have always adored. We spent many hours at the beach and lots of time remembering our shared childhoods. We even became nostalgic for some of Mom's home cooked Lithuanian food; so, needless to say, we made some borscht (beet soup) and keugele (potato cake), which turned out great!
Well, the boys are gone now, but the memories will remain forever. I love you guys, thanks for being here!!!


joey said...

You miss me already ??? I must say those fews days where the most fun i have had in awhile. What i learned over my stay is that even though you are my big sister ,you are a kid at heart. Love you and miss you too!!! Tell G i say hello. Love,joey

Judy Hartman said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUL time, Janice.
So happy for you!

Judy xox