Saturday, January 8, 2011

A tangled Cape...

This past week I have been working on this zentangle-inspired piece.
Cape Cod is always an inspiration for me
and taking on this challenge has definitely given me a closer look
at this beloved "arm" of Massachusetts.


joey said...

Very nice...I almost forgot about the zentangle. Can you make a large one for my condo? I need some art for my walls. Love, joey

summer girl said...

Hey Joe...I am having prints made of this one if you'd like one like this - it is actually about 13"x13" and will be even larger when matted and framed...or would you rather I do a totally different one for you? I'd be more than, j

joey said...

Janice, Do what you think i would like...or even surprise me. Thanks. joey

Judy Hartman said...

Your blog looks yummy when I come to it Janice! Beautiful colors!
What a great idea for a zentangle! Brilliant!
Has Lorna seen it?