Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sisters weekend (with G, too!) ...

This past weekend my sister Tina was here for a visit, and, of course, we packed in as much as we possibly could! Beach, lunch and "resort hopping" on Friday; shopping, sandcastles and dinner with family on Saturday; and more beach & "Chatham strolling" on Sunday before we said our goodbyes. On Saturday we also contended with the remnants of hurricane Hanna, which made the beach ever so beautiful Sunday morning!
Time spent with Tina is always fun - we just never know what we'll find ourselves doing - and I look forward to our next weekend together. Love you, Tina!


Judy Hartman said...

Oh Janice, what a great picture of you and Garett!
So glad you had such a nice visit with Tina!!!

summer girl said...

Actually, this is a photo of Tina and Garett...I know, she looks a lot like me!