Monday, September 15, 2008

While on the beach...

While on the beach this afternoon, I witnessed what was perhaps an intensely personal & private moment. A well dressed woman walked to the shore and tossed a pink rose into the water. She stood for only a moment or two and departed - leaving the rose to toss about in the surf. As it did, petals separated from the bloom and drifted - some washed ashore, where one was plucked up by a gull, and another was gently lifted up by the hand of a young child and added to her collection.
I wonder if this woman had just come from the funeral of a loved one and performed this ritual in memory of this dear friend who loved the ocean - this ocean and this beach. And I imagine that the spirit of that person goes on to serve those it touched, just as the rose petals left the bloom and drifted to new purposes.
I should hope that someday I will be remembered so beautifully.


Judy Hartman said...

This is really lovely, Janice. You write beautifully.

janet said...

It was nice meeting you at Head of the Meadow beach this windy morning. The seals were incredible! I hope you'll post pictures/movies of them. Sorry you have to leave the Cape soon.
Best of luck with the last part of your footsteps-of-Thoreau walk.
janet from Eastham